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Remember the Promising News?

As part of our upcoming 40th Anniversary celebration, we are preparing a special edition ‘Promising News!’ and we want to fill it with stories from every member, past and present.  Our idea is to create a verbal and visual snapshot of the people who have made up the Community over our short 40 years.

Can you help by contributing a few paragraphs that tell your story?

If you would like to be included, please send us a short entry about who you are and a how POP has been a part of your life.  If you’ve got one, a photo would be nice (it can be old).

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If you can’t make it to the party, contribute anyway, and we will mail you a copy!

Thanks from the community!

POP Celebrating 40 Years of Community!

As People of the Promise celebrate a 40th anniversary on April 21, 2012 we are well aware that we remain a vibrant community thanks to members past as well as present.

If you are within striking distance of Boston, we hope you can come.  Randy Sachs, S.J. will be our celebrant at a liturgy and current members will host the  following potluck.


The Faber Jesuit Community at Boston College
188 Foster St., Brighton 02135 … (click for a map)

Note: Parking is available at the complex and across the street on the former St. John Seminary grounds.


April 21, 2012 @ 5PM 

Click here to RSVP to John Moynihan (

Intentional Communities ‘Back to Roots’

Listen to POP Community members discussion the momentum behind Intentional Communities with Provoke Radio.


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Here’s the intro to the Audio Interview:

In the beginning was the “house church.” And it was good. For the first three centuries of the early church, Christians met in private homes – to celebrate faith, to share fellowship, and to break bread. They gathered as small, intimate communities sharing both spiritual and physical nourishment.

Two thousand years and 2 billion Christians later, the house church is all but gone, replaced by everything from tiny chapels to soaring cathedrals. And though the venue has changed, the purpose remains the same. Believers still gather to worship and break bread. Indeed, for 1 billion Catholic Christians, the Eucharist is the centerpiece of faith. Yet, what should be a sacramental moment of holy communion with God and each other has, for many, become a hollow ritual we all but sleepwalk through. Fellowship – table or otherwise – is often completely missing.

For the sleepwalkers, this is just fine. But many others, Catholics in particular, yearn for something more. They long for the spirit that filled the early house churches. Not satisfied to settle for what passes as a faith community today, many look elsewhere. Not so much outside the Church as outside the traditional parish setting. Forming their own small faith communities, they are sustained in ways that enrich and renew.

These groups are called “intentional communities” and chances are, there’s one near you. Listen in as our guests discuss the origins of their own intentional communities, why they joined one, how they’re different and what Vatican 2 had to do with any of it. It gives whole, new and invigorating meaning to “being church”.

Guests: William D’Antonio of Catholic University, member of the Washington DC based community called, Communitas and contributor to such books as: The Catholic Experience of Small Christian Communities; American Catholics Today and others. Kathleen Kautzer of Regis College in Boston and author of the soon to be published book, The Underground Church; Fr. Walter Cuenin and Sr. Marie LaBollita, pastoral leaders of a new intentional community at Brandeis University and John Moynihan, Rosemary Oliver, Mary Troy, Chris Tree and Steve Alcott of a 35 year old intentional community in the Boston area known as People of the Promise.

NCR article on IEC convention

Carving out a spiritual home

‘The institutional church needs you, you are part of it, whether you like it or not’

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Jun. 08, 2009

By Tom Roberts

Time Magazine Article featuring John Moynihan


Please take a moment and review the Time Magazine Article featuring John Moynihan speaking on behalf of “Voice of the Faithful”.

Here is the article … “Is Liberal Catholicism Dead?

Interesting Article from Roger Haight


Check out this interesting article “Lessons From an Extraordinary Era, Catholic theology since Vatican II”

By Roger Haight | MARCH 17, 2008

Originally posted on the “Voices from the Desert” Blog

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You’re probably surprised to see something has changes to site. I couldn’t let a single day of 2008 pass without presenting you with my gift for the season!

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What is a Blog? Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject; in our case it is the People of the Promise Community, it’s events, it’s members and the community they touch. The ability for readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of many blogs. And one that I think you will enjoy as well.

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