Website Updates ..

Hi All,

Erick is rejigging our website and needs our help.

At the Annual Meeting we talked about putting the  Hospitality/Liturgy calendar on a calendar page that Bob/Peggy would have access to so that any changes would go through them & be there for all to check, anytime.

Check the page now to see upcoming events/liturgies.

I’d also like to suggest a Resources page.

This could list the music we have, also a what’s where of the resources that scattered when we left Odd Fellows.

We, for instance, have a hanger full of colorful stoles, which could be useful for summer liturgies.

We could post books, spiritual or otherwise, that we would like to pass on.

We could also list our human resources (no emails or phones)—2013-14 officers, the better to know who to contact.

FYI I still have the key until I pass it on to Dotti on Sept. 9.



One thought on “Website Updates ..

  1. Rosemary

    Hi just checked out the website. It looks very nice. New photos are great! I found it very easy to navigate. I will send suggestions as they come to me.

    Thanks for the good work. Rosemary

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