Our next liturgy is April 21 at Faber House,

And in May we Meet three times, for retreat May 11-12 in Nahant as well as May 5

and May 19 at Faber House. The 19th will be our annual lunch meeting.

Gisela has announced that she will the walking in John’s memory in the Hunger March.

All support appreciated.


One thought on “HAPPY SPRING!

  1. Peggy Dawson Bayliss

    Happy Spring, Everyone. I wish I could be with you this Spring, but we just live too far away. I have not been back to Boston since 2007, after moving to the 45th parallel, Calais, Maine, in 2002.

    If there is such a thing as an e-mail list, I would love to be put on it and hear what my old friends are doing from time to time.

    Peggy Dawson Bayliss

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